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When you think of publicist, one envisions happy-go-lucky, engaged people who love to talk. Yes, publicist are gabby, gregarious professionals, and these characteristics are instrumental to the success of their clients. However, a publicist must also be clever and able to think outside the box to secure the exposure that their clients need and expect. Every publicist should encompass Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into their PR campaigns, and, although we will not disclose how SEO is done — not for free anyway — we will honestly say this; it works. Below are several ways SEO can impact your public relations efforts:

• leverages all social sharing;

• impacts the research/buying cycle;

• helps you capitalize on weak competition;

• attracts relevant traffic with high conversion potential;

• maximizes the visibility of all your PR/marketing efforts;

• builds brand credibility with your public; and

• makes web searches work for you instead of against you.

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