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GoodGirlPR is proud to announce its new client, Girl Vow, Inc. (Girl Vow), which is a non-profit organization that addresses the gender-specific needs of disadvantaged young girls in New York City. Founder Dawn Rowe’s passion for impacting social dilemmas that impact women of color is what sparked her to found Girl Vow, Inc. Dawn’s only mission is to save as many girls as she can similar to how others saved her.

“I started Girl Vow because, as a young girl, I was suicidal. But as I got older, I realized it wasn’t that I wanted to die — I wanted my problems to die,” adds Dawn. “Dealing with the issue of suicidal ideation and wanting a problem to end are two different phenomenons,” concludes Dawn.

After experiencing family turmoil, Dawn was at risk of dropping out of high school. However, her determination to finish school and encouragement from mentors would cause her to attend an alternative high school, where she obtained her high school diploma. Dawn’s academic conflicts still haunt her because the system never took the time to understand and address her needs. Dawn has extensive experience through her work at psych wards, jails, foster care homes, schools, and throughout the community. It inspires Dawn to advocate for disadvantaged, young girls, and work diligently to help and create opportunities for those who have been affected by molestation, abuse, crime, and homelessness.

Through education, mentorship, and life skills training, Girl Vow has opened doors for girls impacted by juvenile justice, poverty, and the New York City foster care system. Girl Vow has served over 3,000 girls, conducted over 1068 workshops, and dispersed more than $70,000 in stipends.

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About Girl Vow
Girl Vow, Inc. is a non-profit organization launched to address the gender specifics needs of disadvantaged girls, femmes, and gender-expansive youth in New York City. Girl Vow, Inc. will assist girls and help them navigate the challenging institutional and bureaucratic barriers that lead to and are a direct result of unimaginable traumas. Girl Vow supports all girls who identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.