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Yet another addition to GoodGirlPR's growing roster is Raijean Stroud, a momprenueur who founded Swa-Rai Media Group, which manages several online properties such as,,, and  “I created Swa-Rai as a way to introduce my readers to the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. We cover a wide range of topics from travel to tech,” says Stroud.

 “GoodGirlPR understands the importance of blogger relations in the marketing and public relations world and looks forward to assisting Ms. Stroud with brand management and increasing her public exposure as a beauty and lifestyle expert and well-rounded blogger,” explains Nickie Robinson, Founder of GoodGirlPR.

Previous media features of Ms. Stroud include NBC, Glamour, and Essence as well as brand partnerships with GM, McDonalds, and Disney. 

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About Raijean Stroud

Raijean Stroud is a professional blogger that has become a trusted authority on fashion and lifestyle as the creator of  Swa-Rai online sites discuss a range of topics including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle experiences such as travel, tech, family, dining, and so much more.  In 2010, Raijean founded the Bleeding Heart Project (, which seeks to educate young people about the importance of heart health awareness after Raijean's own heart condition diagnosis almost took her life.