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As one of the best publicists in the World, we realize that potential clients are not always ready for public relations. GoodGirlPR conducts a thorough brand assessment to strategically plan what steps to take before the commencement of public relations strategies and social media campaigns. This exercise aims to ensure the efficiency of efforts, which impacts our client’s budget and goals.

Graphic Design & Press Kit Creation

On staff, we have the most brilliant and talented graphic designers to bring your ideas to life. From creating a logo to event invites, GoodGirlPR keeps clients’ brands in mind, creating or following style guides, and turns around creative assets in 48 to 72 hours. Additionally, we create press kits which help optimize media outreach and business relations.

Website Design and SEO Enhancements

In line with your branding, GoodGirlPR’s designers create splash pages and websites. We ensure your website is searchable on the internet, which drives business and brand awareness.

Press Release, Copywriting, and Copyediting 

We draft press releases to optimize presence online and capture the attention of each client’s target media market.

Media Relations

As our client’s brand grows, they often need assistance with media outreach and managing media requests. As a top PR firm, we have developed relationships with media editors, writers, and television producers in beauty, fashion, sports, music, entertainment, fitness, art, and tech industries.

Blogger and Influencer Relations

Before blog popularity reached the mainstream, GoodGirlPR predicted that bloggers and influencers would have the same impact as widely circulated magazines. As a result, GoodGirlPR fostered relationships with today’s top bloggers and influencers in various industries. It is imperative that our clients have a strong presence on the internet, and we can secure those online PR placements swiftly while expanding opportunities on social media.

Crisis Management

Preparation is the most critical key to effective crisis management. GoodGirlPR devises a detailed communications plan to diffuse the issue and turn what could have been a malicious and brand-damaging issue into a positive one. GoodGirlPR helps assess risk, coordinate communications, and guide you through communication challenges through ethical and tailored training.

Corporate Communications

How an organization communicates with its employees, its vast audiences, the press, and its customers are essential to its business and organizational goals. GoodGirlPR enlists the expertise of professionals skilled at using targeted communication to promote strong corporate culture, coherent corporate identity, and a credible relationship with the media to reach this end. With a focus on simultaneously balancing internal corporate communications, investor relations, and public relations, GoodGirlPR positions corporate organizations for favorable branding, a positive reputation, and high employee morale.


We help create and execute marketing plans that will help your brand target the right people.

Social Media Marketing

GoodGirlPR welcomes the opportunity to work with other public relations agencies as subcontractors on large or specialized projects. Moreover, we offer PR consulting and training for small businesses that wish to develop an in-house PR expertise. GoodGirlPR are experienced #socialmedia experts who provide:

*Social Media Branding
*Development of Online Media/Social Media Strategies
*Social Media Marketing and Ads

Business Consulting

We build businesses! We offer business and management consulting services for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Check out our new online series, #SmallBusinessSAT!


We plan events on behalf of our clients to promote their brand and drive awareness. We have a vast network of event professionals to facilitate any event, from securing a venue and event design to hiring a DJ. Moreover, we publicize and promote events. Please view an event sample here. Clients include Hollywood films such as Showing Roots and Alec Baldwin’s Blind and corporate clients such as Cablevision, Alfa Romeo, and ESSENCE. We also plan virtual events given Covid-19. 

Celebrity Wrangling

Media relationships are vital to us and our relationships and our working relationships with fellow publicists, agents, managers, and celebrities. GoodGirlPR has the contacts to determine what stars are in town to ensure their presence at special events.

Video Production

We have a video production team that handles the creation of branded video content for your PR, social media campaign, or movie release.

Creative Direction

Over the past 12 years, we have curated some of the most memorable photoshoots and gallery openings. Hire GoodGirlPR for your next creative project!