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By now, hopefully, you’ve realized that social media is among the most effective marketing tools your business can use to grow and succeed. You also have probably decided that it’s easy enough to do yourself, after all you have Facebook and Twitter. Well, for any remaining doubters — for the thousandth time — yes social media really is a critical tool that your business needs to thrive. Don’t be so quick to try to go it alone though. Trying to manage your business’s social media and other PR/marketing efforts yourself may seem logical in the beginning, but if you’re not an expert it could end up being very costly and time consuming. 


Experts agree that social media marketing is an efficient way to generate new leads for a business. Finding people who are in the market for your product or service and connecting to them is an essential part of increasing revenue. Social media has also proven to be an effective way to boost your exposure without shelling out big bucks for television commercials. Using platforms like Youtube, Google Plus, and Twitter will connect you to people in a more personal level and keep you connected. 


So you make a few social media profiles for your business, sounds easy enough. Now you can save money by just doing your own updates and post right? Maybe. The reality is if you’re already a trained expert on the subject and the tools of the trade, then yes, you can do it yourself. However, odds are the thing your an expert at is what your business is/does and that probably isn’t social media marketing. Outsourcing these efforts gives you access to professionals with the tools to evaluate your social media marketing efforts to analyze how they're working so you’re not blindfolded. Not to mention the invaluable expertise you get from working with professionals in the field. When you decide to outsource your social media marketing efforts you eliminate the time and money wasting project of learning how to be a marketing professional and you get back to running your business.