The Ghetto Nerd Releases the New EP #Parent|HOOD

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The Ghetto Nerd (real name B. Van Randall) has released his latest EP, “#Parent|HOOD” featuring nine new tracks.  The EP features a variety of songs produced from the likes of Brandon Fletcher, Quentin Dennard, Smerf Beats, and more. 

As a creator, visionary, author, artist, entrepreneur, veteran, father, husband and self proclaimed nerd, Randall clearly has enough life experience to compose a compelling piece of work with a variety of potential subjects as his focus.  For this particular project he chose to focus on family.  The “#Parent|HOOD” EP is a body of work that is sure to find an audience amongst everyday parents (and people in general who can relate to family life).  Featuring songs with carefree titles such as “Baby Using the Bathroom,” everyone can relate to some aspect of the album.

The idea for this EP came from Randall wanting to find a way to express himself musically again after years on hiatus from the music business.  Not wanting to present the same type of content he had in the past, he found new inspiration in his everyday life as a father and family man. He found himself composing clean family friendly songs that he could enjoy listening to with his own children.  Song titles like “Baby Using the Bathrooms” and “Chucky Cheezes," speak to the EP's main theme, focus, and family friendliness.  This EP is definitely unique.  Most will find that the content is very different from what is currently being played and broadcasted in the media. This musical project highlights the many emotional phases of parenthood, told from the perspective of a loving and doting dad.  Sometimes parenting is fun and comical, and, at other times it is serious and stressful.  Scenarios that are relatable and recognized by most, but seldom thought about outside of their own home especially in the world of hip hop.

The album is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and on


Track 1- Baby Using the Bathrooms
Track 2- Chucky Cheezes 
Track 3- Oh Yeah 
Track 4- I Don't Know
Track 5- Slammin' Doors
Track 6- How to Be a Man
Track 7- I'm Going Crazy
Track 8- I Know
Track 9- Most Beautiful Sound