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GoodGirlPR, the top full-service public relations firm, welcomes Carol Thomas, a hair professional with over twenty years of experience and owner of the Just Because Salon, to its expanding roster. In 2007, Carol Thomas opened Just Because Hair Salon in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Her salon now specializes in hair care services to restore and maintain the client’s natural hair – housing Brooklyn’s top leading professional stylists. Carol is also the creator of St. Charles, a natural hair product line. GoodGirlPR’s remarkable experience and strong relationships will expand Carol’s business presence within the beauty industry.

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About Carol Thomas

Carol Thomas is a licensed cosmetologist and founder of Just Because Hair Salon. Carol has over twenty years of experience in the haircare industry and has been named the “Queen of Healthy Hair.” Carol created St. Charles to provide her clients with quality and effective products not available in the market for their hair types. Carol is also passionate about using her expertise for philanthropic efforts and providing educational opportunities for the youth.


About GoodGirlPR

GoodGirlPR is a full-service branding, public relations, and event planning firm based in New York. Public relations a very competitive field, but GoodGirlPR is unlike other PR agencies. Because of our staff’s advanced degrees, GoodGirlPR is a collection of brilliant minds who think outside the box to execute successful PR campaigns that attract global media attention or resolve any crisis management issue. We understand the importance of communication and relationships to uplift our clients’ brand awareness and impact their investment return.